one of my friend , i used to admire her for her motivating words that she throw at others. how silly the thing let others do, nothing other than the motivational words will come from her to others . i used to wonder how she can do this to everyone, she ll cheer others so soon . Even though a hell a lot of problems are surrounding her , she ll never ever fail to motivate others to overcome their problems. In a group she makes a difference.
i was wondering is she is the only girl who can make this possible ?
But i was wrong, Recently i happened to have a new friend. she too had the same qualities which i admired .
What is common between these two ? what made them to have these wonderful , magical qualities which will boost you up?..

i was so curious to know the secret behind.

I found both of them cheering and motivating everyone around to a high extent when we were practicing Throw ball.
And At last i got the secret key ,
They both were players from their school days,
It was sports which has cultivated those personal skills in them.
Sports really makes an impact on your behaviour.
though i was fully exhausted, i found my mind was fully energised.
I won in learning many personal skills though we lost in the match !! :-p

Its Not Loosing or winning , But its the Participation which does all those magic in Sports!!!
So Start Playing and Learn the Secret !! :-))


Anonymous said...

yeaaah.. sona, i too have a place in your blog.. thnk u

Bala said...

Sports and music.. Only two things i look back at my school days for having missed them.. U r very true about the secret !