moments made unforgettable !!!

After marriage, i always use to think that marriage has ended all my fun with friends. Mounting responsibilities on my head left no time for me with myfriends. always i used to cry inside whenever i hear my friends plan for an weekend or trip etc..
Friends used to say me" you can go out with your husband and enjoy na ?"..
i dontknow but still i like to wander around with my friends only.
i was missing them frequently.

The day before my birthday this year, i was thinking of my previous birthday and the fun i had with my friends. late night conference calls , where all my friends wished me and were chatting for hours together. those things made me feel so special. i felt no other things/gifts values more , than the wish made by my friends at 12 in the night.
After marriage , i had to stop all my late night calls.. this is to be done and this is nothing new n all. but still it pained.

The day before my birthday , i slept early itself which is an unsual thing i do before my birthday , coz i was told by sarath ( my husband) to sleep coz he felt sleepy and he wanted the lights to be switched off. i was lying in my bed with a heavy heart, I dunno when i slept, i heard my mobile ringing it was my mom and dad:-)) wishing me.. i felt so happy . their call made me somewhat happy, after that i started thinking about past and those memories were paining now :-(((

After few seconds , i found my mobile again ringing ,, and it was mathi :-) she wished me again .. at that time i was flying in sky .. i was totally speechless and was blabbering to her.. and that call ended so soon coz my brother was in other line to wish me :-)

I was thinking of again calling her and have a chat , but dunno what stopped me in doing that,,
after that i couldn sleep, again i started to sink in my old memories , some 5 or 6 in the conference call and pulling eachother's legs :-))

I know others Might have felt that it is not good to call me in night time.
I saw sarath sleeping calmly ,. i felt he is the person who took me away from my friends .. :-((

Next day i came to office with no enthusiasm , i responded to everyone 's wishes with a dry smile .
I was busy in my morning session , and after that i planned to meet all my friends together and wanted to chat with them . But to my surprise, i was able to meet only a went like a usual day.

I know some of my colleagues who got married saying that , after marriage life becomes burden,and there is no place for fun especially with your friends,you cant live a life as you like , you ll be loaded with responsibilities and you have to full fill that, but you ll get used to this life,
i have seen their birthdays as just another day in their life and thought i too have entered to these routines...

I was thinking , how much expectations i have, how much i wanted those small things did by friends , how much pain it gave when i missed all that,those things made me feel bitter, i couldn make any plans as i wished, coz i was asked to come home early by my husband. then i started to home .

i thought atleast i ll go out for dinner with him , i got shocked when i heard him saying that " go and prepare dinner for me, i feel hungry" ... i spoke nothing and silently i stepped in to the kitchen and started making dinner .

All of a sudden i felt two hands closing my eyes from the back , when i turned around, to my surprise ........... i found all my friends in my home!!!!!

I dunno what to say to them .. i didnt even realise what to do.. i was in the heights of happiness,
sarath has called them here without my knowledge and everything happened in background.,
sarath bought a cake tooo !!!
I remembered sarath saying that he dont have a habit of celebrating birthdaysn all . so when he simply wished me for the sake of wishing in the morning it dint affected me that much.

but whats happening here now!!!
he planned and did all these things for me ?..

i had a cake cutting, that too all my friends were with me ,
the usual fun and blast !!! this time sarath too joined the blast..
this was what i was longing for , the togetherness and the fun with friends!!
Still the moment all my friends stepped out , i was really really flying!!!!!!

when i closed the door i could see one friend standing infront of me ,
Sarath was smiling at me calmly.. i felt he is the person who took me to my Friends !!! :-)

All these may sound silly, but its human nature to have silly expectations na!
MY day was made unforgettable !!
i felt lucky to have all these friends in my life!!
and for the first time i felt lucky to have sarath in my life !!!


Girl of Destiny said...

I welled up. I did!

Anonymous said...

"""and for the first time i felt lucky to have sarath in my life !!!"""

Good de!!
Please read this blog daily

Anonymous said...

Really you are lucky to have him back on your side!!!!

God bless u....