yesterday in a meeting someone was saying about a add which shows a person who offers a free hug etc etc..

This hug is really powerfull . My thoughts slightly went back where i happened to have a magical Hug .

I was doing my college second year . me and other two pals who are very close to me , set out to visit an orphanage . we are going to Orphanage for the first time in our life.We were thinking that children will be so sad over there we have to cheer them etc etc.. all dramatic feelings were welling up in our minds. But to our surprise when we stepped in to that orphange we could see all children shouting and enjoying to the core.

It was a saturday evening and the children were allowed to play that time. some were playing cricket outside and some were playing indoor games .

we went inside to join the indoor games .All were so enthusiastic and they joined us in their game. We have to accept that they are so talented in caram , Trade etc. We liked playing with them and were lost in that world. We too turned in to kids .

Suddenly i could feel a little finger on my shoulder. i just turned up to see who is that. It was Vijay ,a 2 years old Prematured kid. He just came out of his sleep and came straight to the palying room . He was smiling at me.An innocent smile , which took my heart away. i still remember that smile. he was so lean and looked so anaemic . It took some time for me to smile back at him. i turned fully towards him , it was with in a second, he hugged me so tightly , i was feeling so different . I was no longer a kid at that was a tight hug he gave to me.he was so longing for someone to hug him and lift him in their arms. I felt the joy , love of a mother. I felt vijay was my child. Whats happening to me.where are my thoughts goin un controllably.That Magical Hug given by him kindled a lot of thoughts in my heart, i wanted to adopt him and take him with me at that moment itself, But the truth struck me that it was not possible for me to do that at that time.

After coming back from that orphanage also he was running in my mind for many days.
whenever i go to that orphanage , i ll have a special time with him ofcourse the hug .

Its been a long time now i went to that orphanage. But from yesterday after hearing that word HUG .. i am longing to see him again and have a hug :-))


Nivi said...

very sweeeeeeeeeet!!! :)

Bala said...

Hey Sona,
One seriuos Thought..
U mentioned u wanted to adopt that child??U still have that in mind?
If so why dont u go for it...
Thr are 1000s of practical difficulties in this.. Still if u can do it, u ll make a BIG difference!

Girl of Destiny said...

nice example of a 'kattipudi vaithiyam'...;-P

Anonymous said...

indha thaimai unarvai naan siram thazhthi madhikiren

Anu said...

Hi ,
Really a nice one..loved it..a beautiful meaning of HUG!